Find the perfect size 

Dog's coat size is chosen based on the back length of the dog. There’s a huge variety of dog body types, and finding the best and versatile fit together with multiple adjustments ensure that Visibility Raincoat fits most dogs extremely well.

We believe dogs deserve to be dogs when enjoying outdoors, and they should be able to move and behave naturally without clothes bothering them. The cut of Visibility Raincoat allows free motion of front legs and covers the thighs. The waterproof collar is designed for easy sniffing, yet it keeps the neckline dry in pouring rain. Visibility Raincoat covers the big muscles at dog’s back and thighs keeping them warm.

Visibility Raincoat size chart

How to measure?

To determine the correct size, measure your dog’s back from neck to the base of the tail. If the dog is between two sizes we recommend to choose the bigger size. Please note that neckline and belt are the maximum measurements. Both can be adjusted smaller. The jacket will fit as long as your dog is under those measurements.