About Us

Our Mission

We believe every product designed for your dog should be designed as well and profoundly as products for human beings.

PAIKKA re-invents important daily moments in dogs’ lives through inventive sustainable lifestyle products which are safe to use and equipped with uncompromised ergonomic and functional features.

Our commitment

We Are Dedicated to Offering the Best for Your Dog – And Doing Good for Our Planet.

PAIKKA was born from the need for great essential products that are designed from the dog’s perspective and are long-lasting even in the tough seasonal conditions of Finnish nature.

Each PAIKKA product is designed in Finland and made of the best and most durable materials together with respected partners famed for outdoor apparel, fashion, and awarded designs for humans. Well thought high-quality products will always last longer than the cheaper option.

We are committed to keeping improving our processes and repurposing our textile residues (e.g. over 80% of polyfill used has been recycled). We always choose the most environmentally friendly materials possible without compromising the safety of your dog and the necessary features of our product.

A happy inclusive working environment that is comfortable and encouraging for all is the driving force of PAIKKA and our hard-working team.

Design Philosophy

For PAIKKA a Happy Dog Means a Happy Owner

All PAIKKA products are designed and developed in Finland from dogs’ perspective based on their real needs.

We want to offer no-nonsense products dogs will love and that will make life of dog owners easier.

Our multi-awarded product development team has extensive background in agility competing, dog shows, fashion & design industry and physiotherapy with special interest in a dog’s anatomy and biomechanics.

PAIKKA clothing are always ergonomically designed considering dog’s comfortable movement and easy fitting and are packed with unique safety features for you and your companion.

The Story Behind Our Name

Find Your Own Happy Place with PAIKKA

PAIKKA /ˈpɑi̯kːɑ/, [ˈpɑi̯kːɑ]

Finnish for place, location, region, locality… 

We Finns are world known for our ability to enjoy life even though the sun hardly shines in Finland during the winter and the weather can be the exact same at Christmas and in mid-summer.

Nevertheless, Finland has been ranked the world's happiest country six consecutive times since 2018 by the World Happiness Report.

Finns find happiness in quality of life, freedom to make decisions, and our clean nature – where we are often companied by our dog. Nearly every fourth household here has owned a dog.

So, it is safe to say that Finland is a happy place for humans and dogs alike.